Firefighter’s Ball and Awards Ceremony

Each year, the Forest City Fire Rescue holds a Christmas Dinner and recognizes the service members for their achievements throughout the year. Firefighters and their families are invited to join this special event as well as members of City Council, retired members of Forest City Fire Rescue and the members of the Relief Fund Committee.


Forest City Fire Rescue developed an incentive program for firefighters in Fiscal Year 2014-2015. After three years of employment, firefighters must have completed training for NC Driver Operator, Aerial Operations and Pump Operations. This will make the Fire Engineer eligible to receive a 5% increase to a higher salary grade. The Firefighter Specialist Incentive will also allow a 5% salary increase to Fire Engineers who reach a Technician Level of training after 5 years of service. Emergency response requires staff to have a diverse field of emergency training. They must be prepared to respond quickly and handle any type of emergency that occurs in the town. Career Development Salary Increases are specific to certifications and approved by the Fire Chief as deemed beneficial to the safety of citizens and firefighter job requirements.

Forest City Fire Rescue was proud to announce the Achievements of our members at the 2014 Awards Ceremony.

Firefighter James Pettit III received the Robert G. Harrill Award for Most Dedicated Responder. Mr. Pettit responded to 435 Emergency Alarms in 2014 while also being employed by the NC Department of Transportation and responding to emergency alarms for S.D.O. Fire Department.

Fire Engineer Garrett Brooks received the Robert G. Harrill Educational Achievement Award for having completed the most training hours in 2014. Mr. Brooks completed 675 training hours within the year while responding as a Career Firefighter for the Town of Forest City, working a second position with his family operated business and volunteering for Ellenboro Fire Department.

Fire Engineer Brian Tate received the William C. England Award for Forest City Fire-Rescue Firefighter of the Year 2014. Mr. Tate has displayed dedication not only to our department, but to himself in 2014.