Rental & Fee Information

Picnic Shelters

Picnic Shelter rental fees $20.00 for 2 hours and $5.00 for each additional hour after that
James F. Crowe Park Shelters: Forest City Shelter, Dogwood Shelter, Cone Shelter, White Oak Shelter, and Jaycee Shelter

Hardin Road Park Shelter: - 1 Shelter
Amenities: (All shelters have grills and most of the shelters will hold up to 60-70 people)


Ball Fields

Ball field rental fees $20.00 for 2 hours and $5.00 for each additional hour after that
Lights on ball field (per hour) $15.00 (if needed)
To rent the Entire Park/Full day rate $500.00


Tournament fees: 

Deposit due at time of reservation
Use of field per day $75.00

Lights per field/per hour $15.00 (if needed)
Clean up deposit $40.00
Employee (per hour) $30.00


Callison Gymnasium / Cool Springs Gymnasium

Gym Rental (per hour) $10.00
Gym lights (per hour) $10.00

Employee (required during rental) $30.00 (per hour)
* We only rent gyms for basketball tournaments


Callison Center Weight Room

Membership fee $10.00 (monthly)

Clay Street Pool at Callison Recreation Center


under 5 yrs

free w/paid adult


5-17 yrs.


Adults 18 & over




Season Membership Fees:




Family up to

5 members

$100.00 ($10.00 for each additional person) All members must reside at the same resident.

Pool Rental

$75.00 for pool parties


Pool Parties

Pool Parties are only on Friday’s after 7pm & Saturday’s and Sunday’s after 6:00pm.

All parties must be over no later than 10:00pm,


Lifeguard fee after hours: $15.00 per guard per hour

  • $75.00 deposit must be received within 2 weeks of rental

  • Party must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the party date

  • You are required to have a minimum of 2 lifeguards on duty at your pool party

  • If you have more than 40 people in the pool area you will be required to have a third lifeguard. Ratio is 1 guard for every 20 people. We only use our certified lifeguards that are employed by the Town of Forest City’s Recreation Department.


Swimming Lessons

$25.00 per child for 10 hours of instruction, must be 5 years old (We start taking registrations on May 1st).


Adult Basketball

Men's Church League     $425.00

Men’s Civic League         $40.00
(Usually played during the winter months) 
Men’s Summer Civic League       $35.00 (if the program is offered)


Summer Camps

  • Basketball Camp - $25.00 per child per session

  • Golf Camp - $25.00 per child per session

  • Tennis camp - $25.00 per child per session

  • Volleyball Camp - $25 per child


Special Events

Co-Sponsored Information

  • Football   - Call 828-248-5220 for contact information

  • YBOA & Youth Basketball - Larry Ross (828) 247-6102   (Cool Springs Gymnasium)

  • Little League Baseball  Call 828-248-5220 for contact information

  • Swim Team - Call 828-248-5220 for contact information