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Permit Fees:

Permit fees are based on $2.50 per thousand dollars of construction cost with a minimum fee of $50.00 for each trade/permit.

Fees vary according to the type of construction and work permitted. 

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A plumber is installing a water line which costs $2500.00. The permit fee would be $50.00. 
  • A mechanical contractor is installing a brand-new heat pump costing the property owner $8500.00. There will be a mechanical permit issued for a $50.00 fee, and the licensed electrician will obtain a separate permit with a fee of $50.00 for the new wiring and possible service panel upgrade. 
  • A licensed general contractor is constructing a new home with a total job cost of $300,000.00. The projected cost, per trade is as follows:
    • $12000.00 for electrical costs,
    • $15000.00 for plumbing costs,
    • $16000.00 for mechanical costs, and
    • $257,000.00 for the construction costs.

The permit fees are as follows:  Building Permit: $642.50 (plus a $10.00 Home Recovery Fee), Electrical Permit: $50.00, Plumbing Permit Fee: $50.00, Mechanical Permit Fee: $50.00, for a total permit cost of $802.50.

Re-inspection fees may apply in some situations.

A fee of $150.00 Stop Work Order Fee/Fine may be applied to any work done without the required permit.

More information may be obtained from the Inspections Department by calling 828.248.5239.

Manufactured Home Permit Fees:

brick foundation for mobile home - eakin-helstrom



Double Wide


Additional Information about manufactured homes is found in the Town of Forest City Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 4, Special Requirements, Section 4.2.6 Manufactured Homes (on individual lots). 

Pre-Occupancy Inspections:

Rental properties (residential and commercial) may acquire a re-inspection fee of $50.00, if tenant/owner does not provide access to the property/dwelling for the initially scheduled inspection. Also, the $50.00 fee may be imposed if failed inspection's violations are not corrected prior to scheduling the second and/or third property inspection. 

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Zoning Permit Fees: 

Special Use Application


Variance Request


Amendment to Zoning map

Less than 3 acres $250.00
3 acres or more $500.00

Sign Permit Application

$2.50 per thousand dollars of construction cost with a minimum of $50.00

Conditional Use Permit


Temporary Zoning Application


Zoning Application


Code Enforcement Fees:

About Code Enforcement | City of Irvine

Fees for Code Enforcement cases are set by the selected contractor the Planning and Code Enforcement Department contracts with each season/year. In addition to the contractor's fee for abatement, an administrative fee, of a minimum of $60.00, is assessed per abatement. When and if a lien is filed with the Rutherford County Revenue Department, an additional administrative fee is imposed on the Code Enforcement case, as a minimum of $60.00, as well. 


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