Code Enforcement

Robert (R.A.) McIntosh

Code Enforcement Officer: (Wed-Fri)  828.247.4426 or cell 828.447.4006

The Code Enforcement Department addresses complaints from citizens concerning public nuisances such as: junk vehicles, abandoned vehicles, high grass, trash, minimum housing code violations and other public nuisances within the city limits.


Junk Vehicles

Junk vehicle is a vehicle, which does not have a current license tag, is partially dismantled or wrecked, or cannot move on its own. Each property may have one junk vehicle in the rear yard that is concealed from view for not more than 30 days. If a property has more than one junk vehicle, the additional junk vehicles must be in a garage.

High Grass

Grass or weeds in excess of 15 inches tall are not permitted. Rodents and pests often use high grass as a place to live and feed. Please help protect the health and safety of your neighborhood by keeping your grass mowed. Once a Notice of Violation is issued, any violation of this type at the same address that occurs within 180 days can be abated without further notice with the accrued cost being placed as a lien against the property.

Outdoor Storage

Store items in the rear yard only. Make sure outdoor storage items are screened from view of the street by placing items behind fences or inside storage buildings. Outdoor storage includes boats and trailers so the same guidelines apply to these items as well. Permits are required for storage buildings and carports.



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