Letter from the Chief

Dear Police Applicant,

Thank you in advance for your interest in becoming a police officer for the Town of Forest City. To ensure the application process moves smoothly, we need you to complete or supply the following items:

  • Application for Employment
  • NC Criminal Justice Form F-3 Personal History Statement, signed and notarized
  • Fair Credit Reporting Waiver/Background Waiver
  • Authority to Release Information Waiver
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and/or Certification of Naturalization
  • Copy of valid Driver's License
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of BLET Certificate (if applicable) 
  • Certified and sealed copy of High School Transcripts &/or High School Diploma
  • Certified and sealed copy of College Transcripts &/or College Diploma
  • Photograph of applicant
  • DD-214 Military Discharge Papers

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the Administrative Assistant at (828) 245-5555 ext. 2101.

Thank you,

Chris LeRoy
Chief of Police