Water Treatment

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Public Water System ID # 01-81-010



Our Service Mission

To Provide a safe, potable water to our customers in a cost effective manner while providing the highest level of quality which meets federal and state regulatory requirements.


Raw Water Source

The Town of Forest City receives its source water from the Second Broad River which runs southeast through Rutherford County. The raw water station has a settling canal, three 300 horse power vertical turbine pumps, an emergency generator for power failure and approximately two and one-half miles of water lines to the treatment facility.


Treatment Facility

The Water Treatment Plant, constructed in 1948, is a conventional plant with the capability of producing 8 million gallons of water a day. The processes consists of rapid mix, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. Fluoride addition began in 1968.


Certified Laboratory

The Water Plant Laboratory is North Carolina Certified for the Bacteriological Analysis of drinking water. The Lab offers Bacteriological Analysis service to the general public for a fee of $30.

Facility Storage

The Plant has three clearwell storage basins with a total of 3.3 million gallons of water.


Distribution System

The Town's network of distribution lines extend beyond the city limits to serve various communities and other outlying areas. The Town sells water, under contract, to the towns of Bostic, Ellenboro, and the Concord Community Water System. The Town of Forest City has over 2.7 million gallons of elevated water storage capacity and maintains a quality of excellence in our water system through consistent monitoring, testing, and general routine maintenance.


Jason Webb is the Plant Superintendent. He holds an A- Surface North Carolina certification and has over 15 years of water treatment plant experience.


Chief Operator

Andy Wells - holds an A - Surface North Carolina certification and is the plant’s Chief Operator.


William Brackett - Holds an A - Surface North Carolina State certification
Jesse Hill - Holds an A - Surface North Carolina State certification

Lewis Moore - Holds a B-Surface North Carolina State certification

John Vaughn - Holds a C-Surface North Carolina State certification

Mitchell Suttle is an operator in training
2018 Water Quality Report (Developed March 2019)