The new recycling program began on March 19, 2018. The Town of Forest City contracts with Republic Services for garbage and recycling.

What can I recycle? Republic Services has provided a flyer to help us make that determination.

To better serve our customers, we ask that you:

  • Place your container(s) at the curb by 6AM on the morning of or the night before your scheduled service.
  • Place the container(s) within 3 feet of the curb with the handle and wheels facing away from the street.
  • Make sure the container(s) is at least 4-5 feet from your recycle or other roll-out cart, trees, mailboxes, cars, yard waste, utility poles or any other obstructions.
  • Place all recyclable items in the Recycle Cart for collection by our automated truck. Do not leave recyclables outside the roll-out container.
  • Call the Town at 828.245.0148 if your cart is damaged or stolen.
  • Don't place construction debris, yard waste or hot ashes in the carts.
  • Don't overfill the cart; the lid must close.
  • Don't paint or write on cart.
  • Don't remove the cart from your residence.
  • Don't put recyclable materials in the TRASH cart.
  • Don't put garbage/trash materials in the cart marked RECYCLE.

2024 Recycling Calendar