Technology & Services


The library has 4 computers available for use by the public. Library cardholders may choose any available computer and log in using their library card number.

  • Logging on to a computer requires accepting the terms of the library's Internet Use Agreement.
  • Patrons without a library card are required to present a valid photo ID to access the public computers.
  • Patrons who have delinquent library card accounts (fines over $10.00) will not be permitted access to the computers.
  • Patrons are given 1 hour of computer time each day. Extra time may be given for those who are working on job applications, school work, etc.
  • The computers shut down daily at 4:50 PM. Patrons are advised to save all work as the computers will not be restarted after they shut down for the day.


The library uses the Town of Forest City's public WiFi for internet access inside the building.

  • The WiFi will present as "Forest City Guest Access" or "FC Guest" on devices
  • The WiFi is open and does not require a password to connect
  • Patrons must agree to the WiFi's terms of use for access
  • Patrons must provide their own headphones, USB drives and electronic device chargers


Printing is available from our public computers and copies can be made at the circulation desk. All payments must be with cash only.

  • Black and white prints and copies are $.25 per page
  • Color prints and copies are $.40 per page

Fax services are also available at the circulation desk.

  • Faxes are $1.00 per page to send and receive

The library also has a wireless printer available that can be used with Apple iPhone devices.

  • Printouts from the wireless printer are only black and white and are $.25 per page


Attached to one of the library's public computers is a scanner that is available for use. There is no charge to use the scanner and you do not need a library card. If you do not have a card, please stop by the circulation desk and present your valid photo ID.


The library's children's room has a Krayon Kiosk with 4 attached Apple iPads. The Krayon Kiosk is an amazing educational iPad stand filled with apps for learning and early literacy, along with providing access to web-based subscription learning programs.