Where can I obtain a burning permit?

Can I burn in City Limits?

What are the N.C. General Statutes for Open Burning?

Where can I find the Air Quality Forecast Center?

After receiving my burning permit, who should I contact when I start to burn?

Please contact Rutherford County Communications at 828.286.2911 before you start to burn and when you finish. Do not add any new materials to the fire after 6PM.

How can I request a Fire Inspection?

Please call 828.245.2111 to schedule an appointment with the Fire Marshal.

How can I schedule an event with Forest City Fire Rescue?

Please call 828.245.2111 to speak with our secretary about appointment dates and times. Please be aware that we do not schedule events on Fridays. Also allow a two-week notice for these dates so we can accommodate your schedule as well.

How can I receive a free smoke alarm for my home?

If your family cannot afford a smoke detector, contact the fire department in your area. Most fire departments have smoke detectors that they can provide for little or no charge. If you are citizen of Forest City, please contact us at 828.245.2111 to schedule an appointment for the Fire Rescue to come to your residence and install a smoke alarm for your home.

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