Storytime is offered every week (from September through April) on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM. Please follow our Facebook page for any changes or updates to the storytime schedule.

Here at Mooneyham Public Library, we provide a weekly storytime program to ensure children have access to a program that encourages early childhood literacy and allows children to practice skills such as following directions, taking turns, and using their fine motor skills at craft time. The programs are generally aimed for preschool children ages 0 to 5 and incorporate exciting STEAM related activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Programs include fun and engaging crafts, songs, stories, and felt board interactions.

Research shows that literacy and language skills develop early in life and are strongly linked to academic achievement. Reading allows children to broaden their vocabulary, make connections between stories and reality, and build social interaction skills. Because we know that parent interaction is essential to building a positive relationship between children and reading, our storytime programs encourage parents to participate with their children. Songs are also incorporated into our reading program to benefit word development. Songs are repetitive, allowing children to practice sounds over and over, and because singing slows a person's speech pattern down, children have a chance to practice enunciating words.


Reading to your child is one of the most powerful ways to boost their brain power! This easy, fun act of sharing books can help your child learn skills such as vocabulary, letter sounds, and building background knowledge, all crucial skills that help them prepare for kindergarten.

Mooneyham Public Library's 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program is an exciting way to start your child on the path to literacy. Any child birth to five years old can participate.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Pick Up your materials at the circulation desk on a Storytime day or during the week, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  2. Track Your Reading on your reading log or with the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten app for your phone or tablet. Record each book you read. If your child wants to hear a book again and again and again, count it each time. You can also count the books they read in Storytime, at preschool, or at a relative's house.
  3. Milestones are a celebration of your hard work! When your child reads 100 books, bring their reading log to the library to receive a special brag tag and have their picture taken. We will place their owl sticker on one of our hundred book milestone branches.
  4. 1,000 Books You did it! Yay! Come celebrate with us at the library and pick up their certificate of completion. Don't stop at 1,000! Keep reading together!

One thousand books may seem overwhelming, but if you read one book a night, you'll reach your goal in less than three years. Ask our staff for suggestions and we will happily help you on your journey to 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten! Happy reading!                   


ZOOM Passes have arrived in Rutherford County! The Foothills Library Consortium has partnered with local parks and museums to offer a limited number of free passes for library card holders through the ZOOM Pass program. 

Each of the six libraries of the consortium will offer free one-day passes to a different location. Card holders are to make their reservation for a ZOOM Pass online and then pick up their pass at the appropriate library.

Participating attractions include:

ZOOM Pass requirements are as follows:

  • You must have an adult library card that is in good standing (no unpaid fees or overdue items) from a Foothills Consortium member library.
  • You may request one ZOOM Pass each calendar month.
  • You must pick up your pass 1-3 business days before your scheduled visit.
  • Please read each attraction’s reservation page carefully! You are responsible for picking up your ZOOM Pass at the correct library and abiding by each attraction’s entrance requirements and limitations.