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Street Department Overview

There are fifteen plus employees in the Street Department depending on the time of year. They are responsible for maintaining 268 Town streets which is over 56.5 miles of pavement. They do the cutting and trimming of roadside right of ways, public areas, two public cemeteries, repair damaged pavement & sidewalks, maintain storm drains, install all types of traffic related and street name signs. They have 3 trucks that run weekly limb & rubbish routes.

(See Limb and Rubbish Policy)

Rubbish and Policy Limb

During the Fall and Winter months, curbside leaf pick up is another service we provide.

Leaf Collection Policy

The Town of Forest City will provide leaf pickup service for its residents from mid October through mid March. Specific dates will be announced through the local newspaper each year.

In order to provide adequate and equal service for all residents the town will be divided into four sections Cherry Mountain Street will be the dividing point on the north side of town, with South Church Street as the dividing point n the south side of town.

A regular route will be followed weekly. The leaf machine will cover the north east section on Monday, the south east on Tuesday, the northwest on Wednesday and the south west on Thursday. Friday will be used as a make up day. Leaves are to be on the curb no later than 8 A.M. on the morning of scheduled pickup.

When there are calls for leaf pickup before the announced date, it will be necessary that the leaves be placed in heavy plastic bags by the customer. This pickup will be under the same conditions as when limbs and rubbish are collected. The reason for this requirement is that it would not be economically feasible for the town to dispatch the leaf machine on a per call basis.

Due to liability involved for damage to property and safety reasons, the leaf machine and town personnel will not be permitted to enter private drives and/or private property except in case of an undue hardship whereby the occupant must waive liability in writing to town management.

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG ! 811 (1-800-632-4949) ONE CALL