Water & Sewer

John Hardin

Water & Sewer Superintendent



Forest City Bulk Water Theft Policy


There are six employees in the Water Distribution Department. They maintain over 208 miles of water lines, and over 8,450 metered connections, both inside and outside the city limits. They also take care of all maintenance and repair for two adjoining water systems. There are two, two-man crews that do repairs and new installations. They are all state certified by the North Carolina Treatment Facility Operators Board. Someone from this department is on call 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week, year round.

ORC (Operator in Responsible Charge) for the distribution system,

(John Hardin, Cert. #140293 A-Distribution)

(John Hardin, Cert. #140293 Cross Connection)

Sewer Department Overview

There are three employees in the Sewer Collection Department. They maintain over 95 miles of gravity sewer, plus over 6 miles in another municipality. Their job consists of, cleaning, camera, and root control of the lines on a yearly schedule, in compliance with the North Carolina Division of Water Quality standards. Other duties consist of, inspecting new, and old taps, cleaning sewer right of ways, to name a few. The employees are all state certified by DWQ, as water pollution control system operators.

ORC (Operator in Responsible Charge) for the Sewer Collection Department

(Reid Guffey, Cert. # 1002005 CS-4)


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