Burnt Chimney Social District

What is a Social District?

On September 8, 2021, Session Law 2021-150 was ratified, allowing local governments to establish “Social Districts” within their jurisdictions. These Social Districts allow for common areas where licensed establishments (e.g., bars, breweries, restaurants) may sell alcoholic beverages in designated containers to be taken into the common area for consumption. On February 19, 2024, Forest City Town Council voted to adopt such a Social District, designated “The Burnt Chimney District.”

Coming soon during the summer of 2024 (date TBA), the Burnt Chimney District will operate during the following hours:

  • January 1-November 30: 10AM to 10PM daily
  • November 1-December 31: 10AM to 12AM daily

Alcoholic beverages consumed within the social district must be in specifically marked cups purchased from ABC permitted establishments. Defined boundaries of the Burnt Chimney District will be clearly marked with signage.

Social District Stickers

All businesses within the Burnt Chimney Social District will have one of the three stickers displayed. If an establishment has no sticker displayed, it is NOT participating in the social district by default.


Links & Documents

Social District FAQs sheet

Maintenance & Operations Plan

Social District Permit

Social District Boundaries