Government Transparency

What Is Government Transparency?

Applied to government, this means citizens should be able to see how their tax money is used by elected representatives. In the age of the Internet and digital technology, citizens are calling on their state, local and national governments to provide access to the basic information they must have in order to make decisions as responsible citizens. Our initiative is to keep the citizens of Forest City up to date. If you need any additional information, please contact 828.248.5202.




Annual Financial Information Report

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June 30 2012 Audit Report

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FY25 Recommended Budget Message

FY25 Recommended Draft Budget Ordinance

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*If you would like to obtain additional information on salaries for the current positions at the Town of Forest City, you may contact our City Clerk at or by mail at PO Box 728, Forest City, NC 28043 to submit a written request.

Personnel Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Whistle Blower Policy


Forest City has 144 full-time employees, one Mayor, five Commissioners and 22 part-time employees. Part-time employees may vary by season.


FY 2022-2023 Annual Report Inspection Fee Revenue & Expenditures*

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