Planning & Zoning

Town Planner and Zoning Administrator:

Preston Janco

(828) 247-4412 

Built Form Regulations

The zoning administrator is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the zoning ordinance and code enforcement. The zoning official also reviews all zoning permits, rezoning requests, conditional use permits and residential group developments before permits are issued. The zoning official also provides technical assistance to the Forest City Board of Planning and Adjustment. The Code Enforcement Department, along with the Forest City Police Department, work together to enforce local ordinances to reduce the number of abandoned vehicles, junk vehicles, overgrown grass, trash, debris, unsafe buildings and many more ordinances within the city limits.

Unified Development Ordinance (as amended May 1, 2023)

Town of Forest City Code of Ordinances

Town of Forest City Zoning Map (2020)

Town of Forest City Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Planning & Zoning Meeting and Hearing Information

Meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month. Meetings will be held at the Main Street Meetings Building, located at 108 E Main Street. 

Cut off for zoning applications are the 30th day before the meeting date. You can find a full list of meetings and agendas here.

Permitted Uses Table

SETBACKS according to Zoning District:


Do you live in the Town of Forest City's jurisdiction? 

The Town of Forest City is comprised of 8 square miles, and an Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The link below, will connect you to the Rutherford County GIS Map, which will assist in verifying if your property address is located in the Town of Forest City, Forest City's ETJ, or the jurisdiction of the Rutherford County Planning and Building Inspections Departments. 

                                      Rutherford County GIS Map