Permit Applications

All permits issued by the Inspections Department are inspected to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Building and Fire Codes. Inspections are requested by calling the Inspections Department. Routine fire inspections are performed in accordance with the State of North Carolina's mandated inspections schedule.

Online Contractor/Public Portal

Please visit the Town of Forest City Portal for permits and other information that may be of assistance to you.

Lien Agent Designation:

NC GENERAL STATUTE: § 44A-11.1. Lien agent; designation and duties

Effective for construction projects beginning on or after April 1, 2013, North Carolina law requires appointment of a lien agent.  Contractors and subcontractors can then give notice they are working on the project. Appointments are not required for (1) improvements under $30,000 or (2) to the owner’s existing residence or (3) for public building projects.  Our office will require the lien agent designation before a permit will be released for commencement of construction, including single trade permits.  You may visit the website for additional information and a step-by-step guide to completing the designation process online.


Building Permit-Please allow 10 days for plan review and 48 hours for issuance.

Required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish or repair a structure in the city limits of Forest City. This includes everything from certain storage sheds, decks and garages to commercial construction, signs and additions.
Download Building Permit:      Please email to or fax (828)245-6143

Sign Permit-Please allow 10 days for plan review and 48 hours for issuance.

Download Sign Permit     Please email to or fax (828)245-6143

Electrical Permit

Required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocation and service increases as well as interior and exterior fixed appliances and equipment connections.
Download Electrical Permit     Please email to or fax (828)245-6143

Mechanical Permit

Required for the replacement, repair or alteration of mechanical systems in structures. This includes air conditioning, heat, gas lines, gas logs, gaslights, gas grills, propane tanks and associated piping for flammable liquids.
Download Mechanical Permit    Please email to or fax (828)245-6143

Plumbing Permit

Required for all plumbing work including water service, drains, water mains, sewage disposal systems and related fixtures and appliances.
Download Plumbing Permit PDF.     Please email to or fax (828)245-6143

Download Permit forms and submit via email to or fax (828)245-6143: